Sydney’s a comic book nerd, so at some point of course she’s going to have her “OMG super hero for realz” moment.

I have to say, that picture of Sydney in the second panel is about my favorite one I’ve done of her so far – and actually that pic of Max isn’t too bad either if I do say so myself. Unfortunately while my art is slowly improving my speed isn’t so much. There are some scenes with lots of new backgrounds and characters coming up, so I hope you’ll bear with me while I experiment with ways of producing this thing in a timely manner, maybe more stuff like the ‘suggested background’ in the second to last panel there.

In the interest of moving the comic along a bit, I’ve condensed Maxima’s conversation with the police into a single panel sans dialog. Knowing my predilection for verbosity, I could make a whole page out of that and still have to cover it later in the story. Who she is and what her charter is is of course of interest to everyone, but that will come up later in a slightly more grandiose fashion in the near future.

Edit: BTW 50 comics and not a missed update yet! Am I a real artist yet? I can has career drawing comics? No? Ok, I’ll check back in 3 years. :P