Even when not dealing with ‘villains’ Maxima doesn’t really put up with people who irritate her. It’s fair to say that she’s been described as bit of a bitch… usually not to her face though. I wanted to do a comic which showed that a little but it feels ham fisted to me since I’m used to writing lighthearted goofy stuff all the time. I mean, really, why would this guy come up and give the super powered amazon grief about how she saved his life (or at least foiled the robbery,) though he did have a gun pointed straight at him at one point, so maybe it’s just nerves. One challenge I have as a writer is remembering that not everyone is congenial all the time – it’s weird, I never watch a TV show with antagonist catalyzing a situation by doing something dumb and think what a hack writing job it is, cause logically, I know that people can be stupid dicks sometimes, but it feels 2 dimensional to me when I do it.

Edit: /me waves to all GWS visitors. I do a kind of different comic from Danielle, feel free to poke around a bit and hopefully a few of you enjoy it and stick around.