I had this page totally written and was laying out the panels before I started thinking about how the checkpoint would affect Harem and realized I needed to rewrite a bunch of stuff suddenly since… well, you’ll see. So this page became two, which wasn’t too bad because I think the original version of this page likely had too many panels anyway.

Harem and Pixel both understand the term “checkpoint.” Pixel isn’t asking what happened, she’s asking literally what Krona did to cause this effect, and by the way, is there a chance the universe might explode?

I like that Krona conflated fingernails (and by extension, claws) with the kind of nail that you hit with a hammer. Although I guess people hit their fingernails with hammers all the time too.

Edit: Whoops! I screwed something big up. The original version of this page had Krona in the second panel saying “Which is probably why Pixel getting, uh, as you put it, shanked and capri’d, didn’t activate it.” This contradicts Krona in the 4th panel where she says that Sydney is the only one who remembers the first loop. I forgot who knew what since as the author I know it all, and somehow during the jillions of hours it takes me to draw one of these pages I never caught that. As Krona mentions toward the end of this page Krona says she has a log of the events, so the best fix was to just have her pull it up a bit sooner. The log has an outline version, a detailed account, but also a deep debug console version which is what she’s looking at at the end of the page.

This page colored by Keith.

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