This page doesn’t actually explain a whole lot. It was supposed to initially, but Sydney kind of got away from me here. She’s a menace to both sides of the 4th wall.

I’m not sure Sydney has considered what’s involved in actually implementing her checkpoint ‘sploit. It would involve either dying a lot or at least hitting those acute stress levels Krona mentioned over and over. I enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow enough as it was basically the military version of Groundhog Day. I can’t say I’m interested in Before I Fall, which looks to be the high school girl version of Groundhog Day. Anyway, one thing I thought Day of Tomorrow might have done a little differently would have been if they showed the toll of dying over and over and over took on Cruises character. He didn’t need to descend into a quivering mass of overlapping PTSDs, just a line here or there about “I hope we figure this out sooner rather than later. Dying is not… most people don’t have to remember it.” Maybe one or two more traumatic events would make Sydney realize her plan has some significant drawbacks.

Given Pixel’s knowledge of artifacts, telling her your time loop is limited might sound a bit like “it’s just a tiny atomic bomb.” Presumably she’s not a fan.

This page colored by Keith.

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