So this page took a bit longer than usual to draw as you might guess. In fact it’s the reason I wasn’t able to get a piece finished for the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive thing – the yearly nudie pinup I do. Don’t worry I’ll still try and get that done at some point this year before the next one rolls around. You guys aren’t going to get shorted.

I thought this would be a record breaking Who’s Who, but it’s mostly Harem talking in the later panels. By the usual rules, only speaking parts get tagged to keep it from blowing up. Now, if this is your first visit to Grrl Power, you’re probably left wondering who a lot of these people are. Actually even if you’re a regular reader there might be one or two appearances you might not recall but that’s only because they weren’t heavily featured. Actually second to last panel has the Epimeliad from a mini comic under a regular page, and the witch just had part of her head poking over the bottom of a panel in one of the Council chamber scenes.

The bottom panel shows Iza busting out the moves he never got a chance to deploy during the Council Chamber fight. In case you can’t tell since they’re a little small, (twice as big over at Patreon :) he’s a card mage. I don’t know if there’s a proper name for that, but basically, you know, Magic the Gathering meets Yu-Gi-Oh! meets Card Captor Sakura, etc, etc. Right now he’s summoned a baby aquatic Purple Worm modified with a Gnomish rider (that gives it a bonus against mechanical enemies, duh) plus bonus acid damage on bite attacks and some other stuff.

I find it amusing that Dabble has struggled in combat the few times we’ve seen it, but the first off screen action she gets, she cleans up like an OCD maid. We will eventually get to see her do well on camera, that’s not going to be a running gag.

That third to last panel with Chorius and Kat, I think I probably should have drawn them in their Veiled appearance, and put their real forms in the bubbles, but the thought of drawing Chorius in the tophat distracted me. Normally it would be easy enough for Kat to just switch back to her human form, except she’s been a were for like 3 weeks and it’s difficult for her to rapidly pop back and forth.

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