Krona’s problem is that she can’t google “time loop” and see how other reality hackers have approached it. There’s no GitHub for what she does. Amusingly, there are a lot of stories of early games back in the day turning out how they did because the programmers just didn’t know what how to do what they wanted.* In Krona’s case, experimentation may not be a great idea – but for all she knows the universe has a killer error handling routine.

The “spells” she comes up with are difficult to test, and she doesn’t know how to make a universe in a box to play around in unlike some people. Chances are she’ll have to stick to smaller tricks for a while.

*I just watched this cool video of a GDC presentation by Peter Molyneux where he talks about one of the major game features of Populus (it was an amazing game you young people) where you could elevate the ground, all arose because he couldn’t figure out how to program the AI behavior when the people reached the edges of the land. Also that Molyneux, game industry luminary, got into making games because someone mistakenly gave him a bunch of Amigas. Watch the video it’s pretty interesting.

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