Obviously this turn of events further calls into question Krona’s whole checkpoint system. Did Sciona remember what happened, was she not even included in the loop? Did Harem’s presence throw the whole thing into disarray? Is the only thing keeping Krona from being absurdly powerful shoddy programming chops? Maybe she wanted to be a wedding planner or a reptile veterinarian, but she decided to pursue coding cause of the whole reality hacking thing.

Pixel can get away with being terse with Max because she’s not in the Arc-SWAT chain of command. Obviously it behooves her to be cordial, but Pixel didn’t want to listen to the whole Maxima spiel. Her and Max don’t intersect a lot in their day to day work, but they’ve known each other for a while. (And yes, Sydney could have gotten eyes on with her Lightbee, but that means someone can see her too, and the orders were to keep her well out of harms way. The only reason she’s there is how useful her non-magic abilities would be against the Manekillers. If that went down, it was shields up, but otherwise don’t get involved.)

Over comms, no matter how secure they are, the general guideline is don’t be too specific about ultra classified stuff, like the existence of the supernatural. The Veil can cover electronic communications, but why strain it if you can say “informants” instead of “the secret council of vampires, aliens and elves.”

You never hear anyone using “gormful” or “gormy” as a compliment. I mean, if you can be gormless, you can also be gormful. Or just possessing of gorm. I want to see a tabletop RPG with a bunch of off brand stats like Gorm, Thew, Anfractuousness, Puissance, Luculence, and Callipygiance.

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