So a few things to cover right off. Pixel’s claws actually project a cutting laser blade (or several, as you can see) and aren’t limited to however long her claws actually are, which look to be like, I dunno, 3/4 of an inch? The laser blade doesn’t go out too far. Like a foot. She can’t chop a building in half like she’s cutting though the main bad guy at the end of an anime.

While writing this page, I almost got distracted by wanting to show how Harem actually saves Krona, since she can’t teleport other people. She teleports about halfway down the side of the building (which is only 2 stories – this method wouldn’t work if someone had already fallen 30 floors, but it’s enough that Krona could break something, or many somethings if she landed wrong) just below where Krona is, and to the side. Harem keeps her inertia, so has almost no momentum for the first fraction of a second. As Krona passes her, she grabs on to her arm and swings her around. This transfers about half of Krona’s momentum to Harem, who teleports again going the opposite direction. Remember Harem can pick her vector when she teleports, almost like she’s going though a portal in, well, Portal. You know. Portal 1 in the ceiling, Portal 2 under a crate, it falls, move Portal 1 to a wall, and you have a gravity powered horizontal box canon. Harem repeats this maneuver until nearly all of Krona’s velocity has been transferred to her, Krona flops on the ground ungracefully but mostly unharmed, Harem flies up into the air until gravity stops her, then she teleports to the ground.

The reason it doesn’t work if someone is already falling at a high velocity is that it rips everyone’s arms out of their sockets. Harem could teleport above them, fall to nearly match their velocity, then start this process, but at some point, Harem’s upwards velocity would exceed grip/joint/tendon strength, so she’d have to bleed off that velocity by falling upwards until she’s barely going faster than the person she’s trying to save and repeat until all is well. But of course, all this has to be accomplished within the total distance of the fall, so your best bet is just not to fall off any buildings in the first place.

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