The title to this page is a joke, but how bizarre would it be if Sydney started shooting cupcakes out of the PPO? It might tell her something about the origin of the orbs though. She’d be popular with bachelorette parties. And at… well, lots of places. I mean, who doesn’t like cupcakes? Ooh, especially if someone made a coffee cake cupcake? That’d be… I guess that would be a muffin technically. Ooh! Unless there was cinnamon frosting on it. Oh boy that’d be good. Unless it was too much cinnamon. Do they make butter flavored frosting? Cause that’s something butter needs. 9 parts powdered sugar.

But I digress.

Well, Sydney might get in a little trouble for not spending her point in the agreed upon manner but on the other hand, she’s gotten two skill points in under a week. If that remains a constant she’ll have half the skilltree unlocked by the time she makes private. Hopefully Max and Zephan won’t be too upset with her, at least for that. Locking up while Pixel exited stage left is another story.

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