Action pages don’t usually give me a whole lot to comment on. It’s mostly a lot of Swoosh, Wham… and whoops I forgot the sound effects on the first two panels. It’s just… Swoosh and Wham. I’d love to draw crazy action scenes like Onepunch Man, or Black God (even if it relies a little too heavily on speedlines) or anything by Masahiko Nakahira. An extended fight between Pixel and the SuperHusk wasn’t the point of this scene, but I would eventually like to do a few really good action pages just to flex that muscle. Really just to see if I can. It’s a skill like anything else.

I think if I was trying to really punch up the action on this page, I’d make the panels bigger, moving the last one to the next page and add more speed lines. Not Black God levels, just to emphasize the motion, then on the second page I’d do a reverse shot with Pixel smashing into the room she hit, rubble and shattered stuff everywhere. Well, ideally my theoretical assistant would do all the rubble and stuff.

Sydney’s usually actually pretty focused during fights. The constant motion and flashes and bangs don’t give her ADHD time to pull her focus. In this instance she is indeed rubbernecking the battle, but watching a bright pink were jaguar battle a tentacle robot would be pretty distracting.

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