Well, she is definitely holding its attention. Sydney could have probably flown away before he flipped the side of the building on her, but she has supreme confidence in her shield, and as we know, Sydney is easily distracted by spectacle. Like buildings collapsing on her or someone jangling their keys.

That shape the Super Husk carved out of the building is called a spherical wedge, like when you pull an orange apart. I was disappointed when I learned that. I was hoping it had a distinct geometric name, like a radium or spherelette.

#MakingComics: Let me talk to you guys about rubble. Wow, drawing rubble is tedious. You don’t think about it when you’re reading a manga. Those guys have assistants whose job it is to just draw backgrounds and presumably the lowest guy on the totem pole gets to do the rubble. (which incidentally I think is one of those incorrect idioms and actually the guy at the base of the totem pole was the most important – but you know what I mean.) There are a few cheats you can do when you’re working digitally, (and probably a lot more if you’re working in 3D) but I feel for those guys who for the last few decades did it all on paper with ink and rulers and zip-z-tones.

I mention this because as you can imagine, there’s a fair bit of rubble on the next few pages. :/

Wow I totally forgot to draw battle damage on that thing. :/\/\

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