When you have a team full of people that can do what they did to that poor tank, equipping the Osprey with rockets was probably a difficult line item expense to justify, but Max is all about diversity. Still, it doesn’t cost the team $400K when Max levels a secret evil layer or Heatwave melts Glacier Man, but it’s nice to have the option.

#MakeComics The rubble in panel 1 took so long to draw. There’s so many little rocks and bricks, and then the final step was to add a bunch of dust – cause when you smash a ton of concrete, there’s a lot of dust. :P I think I watched the entirety of City Slickers while working on that panel. Well I watched this spoof first, which is what prompted the desire to watch the movie. But I’m getting a lot better at drawing rubble, and that’s pretty cool.

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