I was going to call this page “Let’s get ready to rubble” but I already used that one. Still, feels appropriate here with the suplex and all.

Anvil hasn’t gotten nearly the screen time I had envisioned when I started the comic, so I haven’t shown her really doing a whole lot of cool stuff with her powers. Also she’s supposed to do a lot of fun looking, if probably a little impractical wrestling moves. I mean, grappling and Krav Maga type stuff as well, but also the odd high flying off the turnbuckle*… you know that move where someone jumps in the air and locks their knees around the other guys neck then spins around and flips them on to the ground? Stuff like that. I don’t know what it’s called, and in lieu of taking 5 seconds to google it, I will instead speculate that the name of that move is… the Whirlybird. Or the Merry-Go-Round. Oh! The Merry-Go-Down!

*In the field, a turnbuckle can be anything from the side of a building to the head of another bad guy.

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