Anvil executing her Super/Ultra/S-Rank/Q move. Get someone strong to use her as a punching bag till she’s brimming with energy, then dump it all into on hit. Extra flair points for incorporating that into a sweet wrestling move. Guaranteed to hit harder than a sidewinder.

I really wanted to make this page and the prior one a single double sized page, but I underestimated the amount of time it takes to do proper rubble, even when I cheat a little with the brick spray brush I made. Also flipping though the pages of One Punch Man then looking back at some of my old fight pages, I found my action a bit lacking. Granted I’m comparing myself to one of the best in the industry, but I thought my comic could use a few big action shots.

Feels weird putting up a page with only 3 panels but the contrast with all the 9+ page panels should be pretty stark. Typical manga have a pretty crazy page rate, I think its like 16-20 pages a week, (at least stuff appearing in Shonen Jump) and the need to fill that much space lets them really spread out the panels. I’m not going to start doing 1-3 panel pages where it’s just someone realizing they saw something weird on the previous page, but I’d like to play with the pacing a bit. I don’t mean slowing down the already, ahem, leisurely pace of the story telling, just taking a little time to emphasize stuff when needed.

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