Maxima, as you might imagine, is quite strong willed, so even if the eyepiece wasn’t cracked, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether the Super Husk could have stunned her into sitting still for a withdrawal. There is at least one vampire who learned the hard way that unsuccessfully trying to mesmerize Max is such a bad idea.

“This looks important” is the number one thing said before shit gets broken. “Hey watch this.” is the number one thing said before someone hurts themselves, and “I wonder what this does.” falls equally in between.

Also who keeps their power supply behind an easily removable armored plate? Besides Iron Man I mean. And by easily removable I mean it requires super strength to remove. Still, seems like a design flaw considering who it was designed to fight. Really, Hiro got a lucky yanking that stuff out. After all he didn’t know how it was designed or what powered it. If I designed a big evil robot, I’d put the power supply in a well protected place, but not in the center because that’d be too obvious, and I’d hide a claymore behind the glowy plate.

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