Maxima can be a little arrogant, but this stems from living in a world where 95% of the time she can stomp anyone who fronts. Or… fronts her? Fronts to her? I don’t think that term has been relevant for about 20 years. She can beat up jerks. This is true with supers and it’s especially true when dealing with the supernatural. Werewolves are stronger than humans, but they can’t rip the door off a bank safe. Even an ancient vampire lord can’t hold a candle to her in terms of raw power. Of course one does not become an ancient vampire lord if their first thought when meeting a being like Maxima is to try and arm wrestle her. They have lots of other tricks which is what makes them dangerous. They do have moderate super strength and moderate super speed – it’s just not “stomp a tank flat” strength or “outfly Firefox” fast.

Maxima is correct however in the 4th panel when she suggests that even if something can copy her powers, that doesn’t necessarily make it as powerful as her. If you could copy Cyclops’s eye beam, but could only generate enough energy to output 1/10th the beam, then all you could really do is distract cats. This golem is already strong and armored, so copying her powers may or may not have a big effect on it. Though it might be able to fly afterwards too, which wouldn’t be great. But again as Maxima pointed out, her blood is weird. Still, it’s probably foolish to chance it, but for all anyone knows, it can absorb energy blasts in addition to being able to deflect them, and it was just waiting for a big burst damage to break out the ability.

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