Hee hee, we do have fun here, don’t we?

Yes, as long time readers know, Max’s invulnerability does extend over her clothes in the form of a near skintight force field. Obviously it doesn’t convey nearly the same protection as her intra-cellular field, which means her clothes can get damaged without getting grievously injured herself, but the attack has to hit that sweet spot damage wise. The fact that her force field is nearly skin tight (I’d say maybe a centimeter or two) means that if someone attacked her while she was wearing a big fluffy fur coat, it would probably get a severe crew cut.

Max is probably a bit more fit that most guys care for. Diagetically, (slightly reappropriating this term, but hopefully you get what I mean) she does this on purpose in the gym. When she first got her powers and her body developed from her slender track runners build, she wound up looking like Jenna Jameson or Pamela Anderson when they were in their absolute primes. She was pretty happy about this at first, but she quickly realized it came with certain social disadvantages. This sort of thing contributed greatly to her particular brand of low tolerance feminism. Now she never was one to wear the sort of clothes that those two did (or didn’t, as the case may be) but being in the military, it’s not like she had the option to wear big fluffy fur coats either. Basically her only option to change her appearance and try and deflect at least some of the unwanted male attention she was getting was to “over do it” in the gym. It’s not like she had the option to put on weight even if she wanted to. Not that she should even have to make that choice of course, but basically her only options were “super slamming beach bunny bod” or “super slamming muscle beach bunny bod.” Hiro is obviously aware of all this and is trying his darndest to be a gentleman about it. As gentlemanly as one can get with their tackle flapping in the fallout.

Non-digetically (again, hopefully you follow my intent here) she’s as muscular as she is because I like fit ladies, (follow me on Twitter for my occasional #BonkersLadyAbs posts. :) and I still tend to over do it slightly.

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