I guess this is flirting, but it’s hard to tell if they’re actually being a little insecure or just circuitous since it can’t happen while she’s his CO. In any case, good job Anvil?

Amaranthine means unfading, ceaseless, or everlasting, but can also mean purpleish, so I’ve decided that Dabbler will henceforth refer to purple haired women as amaranthettes. I am unaware of another word that’s been commonly adopted for that purpose within fiction (since purple hair unfortunately doesn’t exist in nature.) I came across this while searching for a word that meant “constant and oppressive” but couldn’t find what I wanted and this seemed like a word Max might know.

I really really wanted to do a page leading into this one with numerous panels showing the different ways guys look at boobs, or try to not get caught doing it, to show that Max isn’t coming totally out of left field when she gets grouchy any inappropriate attention since it’s something a lot of women have to deal with basically all the time – but 1) it would have required some subtle and difficult angles to draw. I wanted to do it all from a girl’s first person perspective (or even Max’s but it would be hard to tell it was her if it was first person), and as most women are shorter than most men, it would require drawing rather challenging low camera angles of faces. (Note the questionable high angle shot in panel two.) And 2) a lot of these would work far better if they were animated, even if it was just the eyes, and I don’t have time to do that. Besides I’d have to relearn how. The last time I animated something was probably on my Amiga.

So instead, here’s the list I came up with. Feel free to contribute.

  • The “Almost Caught” or The Fly Up – This is when a woman looks away, and when she looks back at the guy, she catches his eyes flicking back up to her face (from her chest or her butt.) This would have been one of the ones benefiting from animation to catch the flick of the eyes.
  • The “No, I was looking at something behind you, honest” – When you’ve totally busted the guy, and you both know it, but he leans slightly and focuses his eyes past you. “Oh, what’s going on outside of the window? That’s what I was looking at the whole time actually.” Weirdly this actually works some of the time. She turns to look and he gets another look at your boobs. Actually I think women usually know what’s going on but don’t want to be confrontational about it.
  • The “What does your shirt say?” – He realizes he’s been caught, but you’re wearing a graphic tee and he doubles down and reads what’s on your shirt, and probably comments on it. “Coca-Cola? I’ve heard of Coke.”
  • The “Oh My God” – The poor guy, usually younger, who forgets all decorum and just stares wide eyed, lost in the hypno-cleavage.
  • The Dart – You’re having a perfectly normal conversation with a guy, but he has this weird tic. His eyes keep twitching downwar… oh, right, you’re wearing a deep V.
  • The Sweep A.K.A The Assessment – This isn’t so much boob centric as much as it’s that full body look over, down then back up.
  • The Leer – This is the one that prompts the “My eyes are up here.” The non-stop lock on.
  • The “I am a lion and your breasts are gazelles” – Basically the same as The Leer, but more intense and usually from further away.

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