Sydney, don’t forget that Super women are like 8-12 inches taller than you on average. Of course, she’s not entirely sure how professional porn starlets… you know, work with the equipment they do. Accommodation wise. It’s the same way you get to Broadway, Sydney. Practice.

I’m not really sure how it works for vampires that can turn into a fleet of bats. (Technically a Colony or a Camp of bats. I like Fleet. I’d also accept a Coven of Bats.) I joke here that they all argue and have seemingly independent minds, but that would suck for the vampire. Getting them to form back up would be like wrangling flying cats. Really they’re probably all guided by a hive mind or just a single consciousness. But it’s funnier to imagine them arguing as they flap around.

But here’s a serious question, do the bats have the same immunities as vampires? I mean, they probably would burst into flame if they got caught in daylight, so I guess they’d be resistant to conventional damage as well. That’d be pretty confusing for an owl that got a hold of one. Or what if a farmer blasted one with a shotgun? Unless the heart was decimated or the bat was decapitated (both actually pretty likely in that scenario) it’d just flop around on the ground while it healed.

Also, what would happen if like 10% of the bats were killed? Would the vampire form back up without an arm, or would little scattered chunks be missing from him all over? If the bats represent discreet parts of the vampire, is one bat the heart? Do all the other bats die of that bat dies? If 10% the bats were killed with silver or fire, would the vampire be able to regenerate the missing bits? If Sydney ever finds out that some vampires can do this, she will have questions.

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