It only took 2 days for Harem to get Sydney’s Loony Tunes reference. Luckily Sydney seems to have locked up for a moment, so maybe they’ll reach parity at some point.

For Heatwave, absorbing heat is fine, as long as it’s (her words) “hot.” But getting things below room temperature is where it starts getting difficult and unpleasant. She “meat lockered” a room once, but she was grumpy afterwards and just wanted to go sit in a hot tub “for like, forever.” You might think that absorbing heat would be fine, like it would make her warmer or charge her up, but if you’re FartMan, the last thing you want to do is suck in a bunch of someone else’s farts.

Given the depth of Sydney’s trope knowledge, it’s probably a bad idea for her to consider all potential future twists and turns. Obviously she should think about the consequences of her actions, but there is a real danger of mental paralysis here.

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