Careful Sydney, some of those terms might be racist? Anyway, clearly she’s a drow. Or… maybe a dark elf… Actually what’s the difference? I think dark elf is maybe a non D&D version of a drow? Actually, hopefully she’s not a drow because most of them are buttholes. The main characters of most books about drow non-withstanding obviously. Just, all of the rest of them usually.

It’s a fair bet The Council doesn’t know the full range of Krona’s full abilities. They know she can flip a door’s flag from “locked” to “unlocked” with incredible ease, (not that a locked door is much of a challenge to any of the Vi’s) and she can reload an allies’ gun or even unload an enemies’ gun and lots of other useful but mostly cantrip level things. Time manipulation is something most sensible people should be nervous about, and it’s obvious Krona barely knows what she’s doing, much less had paradox checking code worked out.

(Sorry again about the late update. I’ll get on the horn with support and see if I can figure out what’s going on. Hopefully this will be the last late one.)

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