“On death, eject control cortex; leave behind sleeping cat-like floppy body”

I’m not sure what the Super Husk’s directives were exactly. Probably something like “buy me time to escape.” But after that, who knows what its programming defaulted to. It does seem to have some self preservation instincts though.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Wolverine comic, but I don’t recall if he had super hearing or not. I know he had super smell. Or uh, super smelling. Maybe he stunk too, but in either case, Pixel has super smelling, hearing and superior night vision, though her color perception is somewhat muted in hybrid form, and more so in cat form. A quick googling reveals that cats are trichromats like humans, (except for the super rare woman who is a tetrachromat who I’m totally jealous of) but the ratio of rods and cones in their eyes is the inverse of humans. Conversely, dogs are dichromats, and like red/green colorblind humans, mostly see red and green as yellow, and do okay with blue.

The issue with exceptional hearing is being able to filter out noise, pun intended. In a scenario like what’s left of the Mars warehouse, there’d be people trudging about, Sydney would probably be badgering the survivors still, the Osprey would be making all kinds of noise as it settled, wind in the leaves, etc. The trick around people with super hearing probably wouldn’t be making no noise, it would likely come down to not making any distinctive noise. If their hearing was so good they could track individual heartbeats or something, then you’d be screwed almost no matter what you did.

Unrelated to this page, but dang, you guys had some mixed reactions to Maxima’s handling of Krona last page. That’s ok, it’s the sort of thing that people generally won’t agree on anyway. It’s a tough situation morally. If a guy’s got a nuke in his pants and you can’t take his pants, but he hasn’t exhibited intent to explode his pants, do you trust that he’ll continue to not explode his pants, or is the risk so great that you have to trample that one guys rights, or is trampling his rights the thing that makes him want to blow up his pants, or can he be bribed or blackmailed one way or the other, etc etc. There’s no right answer without being able to see the future. Max made a call, and opted for semi-polite caution.

I’m trying something new with borderless comics. Makes the page feel more roomy I think. Well, there’s still a bottom border cause I want to keep the stinger and credits easily legible. The panel divisions on this page are a little muddy cause the background image extends over the whole page, but I’m still experimenting with it.

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