Maxima’s job is to protect the public… from physical harm. She doesn’t care if anyone’s feelings get hurt, and she was just trying to set up a checking account, and these two jerks got in the way of her errand, and yeah there was that amusing girl with the weird bangs, but then that dick in the parking lot and that reporter and now these guys and the next person who gets in her way is going to get it!

At least, that’s sort of her train of thought at this point.

I wanted more fanfare for the debut of Max’s pistol but it seemed appropriate for her to use it here. I’ll show it in more detail later obviously but the quick version of it is that it’s a custom weapon that fires a massive round so out of practicality is a break action single shot pistol. I thought about making it a 2 or 3 shot revolver but with her speed, reloading it is trivial. This guy on the stretcher might have regeneration or armor of some kind, but that gun was made to be intimidating looking, so he’s probably second guessing his abilities right now.

By the way, don’t question that it’s a 2 patient ambulance. That’s… just how they make them in this part of town. :P