We haven’t seen Sydney in a few pages, I thought we should check in with her real quick, besides people were asking where the tube was. This page answers that as well as why Sydney would be reluctant to show Max what’s in there. Despite her innocuous daydream, she assumes it means a one way trip to Area 51. Possibly 51a.

I struggled with the panel of the scientist poking Syd, it was either that or him calling to someone off panel to “warm up the saws” or something horrid sounding, either way the reaction panel was going to stay the same, and I thought it was funnier the more placid her fantasy was.

I know some people aren’t down with 4th wall humor, the progression of panels on the top was originally going to be a single panel but then I realized Sydney wouldn’t think about what’s in the tube in ambiguous terms, so in order for her thought bubbles to make sense, I broke it up as it is now and it makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

Also, I’ve posted a doodle I did at STRIP, the Dallas webcomic con, as well as a more detailed picture of Maxima’s gun over at DA.