I wanted to quickly establish that Cooter is fundamentally dislikable, and the easiest way to do that is to hit up those stereotypes, but I have to admit, he’s kind of fun to write. Maybe I should write more jerks. Grrl Power tends to lack a lot of interpersonal antagonism among the main characters certainly. It’s usually good if there’s some friction there. McCoy sparring with Spock all the time for example. Or even Ron Swanson trying to stonewall one of Leslie Knope’s initiatives. Yeah, Dabbler and Maxima occasionally get into it, but it’s pretty lightweight stuff most of the time.

Cthillia would be easy to impersonate if you had a pair of lizard gloves and risers in your boots. And gargled with a cup full of broken safety glass. You know, cause she never takes her head wrap off. The Evil Overlord’s Top 100 List says henchmen shouldn’t have masks that cover their face, because the good guys can klonk them on the head and walk around the Death Star with impunity. That rule should extend to the main bad guys as well – not that the good guy get a drop on Vader usually, but it happens to mini bosses like Phasma occasionally.

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