Cthillia’s position is sound (yes, this same Cthillia. Like it’s such a common name.) but given the company she keeps, who knows? Probably 10% of the council is immortal, and another 20-30% has a considerably longer lifespan than humans.

This is a bit of an odd page  for this comic, only 4 panels and no wall of dialog. I originally had some snappier stuff written, but I reconsidered because it made the big bads sound like meme savvy 20-somethings. I do try to occasionally remember that all characters aren’t just Sydney wearing different costumes and attempt to write them differently. That’s okay, there’s more panels and words on the next page. You know, the way comics work.

In panel two, “introducing characters 101” dictates that Sciona should have said that guy’s name. It’s on the next page, but I’m not sure I like the name I came up with for him. If I leave it till Monday’s comic that gives me a few days to try and come up with something better.

Super Fan Clever Fox did some super fan art of Dabbler!

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