Woo, double sized page, and… well honestly not a whole lot happens on it, but if it had been a regular size page the art would have been tiny.

Maxima may be the only Lieutenant Colonel to allow her recruits to cannonball her. In the jumping in the pool and making a big splash sense, not shooting her with an actual cannonball, though she probably wouldn’t get too upset with that either. You’d probably wind up doing extra laps or get extra standing guard in the rain duty or whatever, but you’d definitely get in a lot more trouble if you shot nearly any other Lieutenant Colonel with a cannonball.

You think Max actually treads water, or would she just fly in place about shoulder deep? She probably switches back and forth. For that matter I bet she wouldn’t bother swimming underwater. I mean you could chose between all that flailing about or just propel yourself, how long would it take for you to give up on swimming? People can swim kind of gracefully like a dolphin, especially if they have flippers on, but without flippers, most people kind of look like they’re trying to climb a rope horizontally, or push bushes out of the way.

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