That’s Harem’s butt in the last panel in case you forgot she was wearing the ‘ol glory bikini.

It seems from last page’s comments, you guys beat Max and Sydney to this discussion, and came up with a lot of similar ideas. This still assumes they’re even right about the orb, though it does seem to line up so far.

Over these last few pages I’ve gotten a bit better at drawing bare feet, but I’m a long way from foot fetish levels of competence, which is of course the goal of all art.  Maxima on the other hand looks kind of mannequinish to me. I’ve been having trouble with her eyes lately, I think I’m getting in my own head over them. And for some reason it’s been taking me longer and longer to do the penciling overall. I don’t know if I need to take to take a few days off of drawing, which I basically haven’t done since I started the comic, or if I need to get ahead on the comic a little so I can spend a day or two just doing art basics and experimenting with stuff. Honestly I probably would benefit from doing both, but it’s not going to happen if it’s taking me 4 days to pencil 2 pages. I could definitely save some time if I did a page or two of everyone standing in front of the same background that I can draw once then paste paste paste.

Speaking of backgrounds, the blue bit behind them on the couch isn’t sky, it’s, the nearly mirrored surface of the Archon building reflecting the sky. I have to imagine the pool was built on a side of the building that never receives direct sunlight. Otherwise, you’d might get a tan twice as fast, but also the pool would evaporate and you’d need new retinas.

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