Dave, going back to the wardrobe malfunction gag so soon? Yeah, but this one’s a little different? Sort of? Just go with it. This page and the next were one page in my head, but I started drawing it and I didn’t want the art to be the size of a postage stamp, so I had to break it up.

Hopefully Harem’s phone is water resistant. Come to think of it, would she have 5 separate phones? There’s probably one of her at the base nearly all the time, and presumably there’s good reception there. Anything any one of her sees can be relayed through the one with the phone if needed. Hmm. But I guess she probably would have 5 phones, cause a phone is a lot more than just a phone these days. One of her might need to use the camera or a recording app. Or just play a game while she’s on the phone. Hopefully she gets a good rate on the family plan.

Of course by now, everyone at the base has heard of the previous incident involving Max and Hiro. Harem was there after all. It spread faster than any single human could have relaid the info. Gender biases being what they are, Hiro has calluses from all the high fiving, and no one has said a word about it it Max, at least until now. But Anvil is the sort of friend who will razz her friends about stuff like that. Also everyone who is still poolside was there when it happened, so it’s not like Anvil is being a gossip.

BTW are bikini tops buoyant at all? I didn’t think to research that, but it seems like if any part of a bathing suit is going to come off in the water, that’d be the one. I would thing there would be some small attempt to make them float at least long enough for its owner to make a one armed grab for them. I assume if they have the padding in the front to keep the water temperature reporting to a minimum, that stuff is probably semi buoyant, right? I guess Harem’s was just a few layers of fabric.

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