Seems like Sydney is going to be involved no matter what the circumstances are. Luckily she just found out what the green orb does. It’s almost like I totally planned it that way. Yes sir.

Maxima could probably get that deep on her own, but she doesn’t know, she’s never tried. The pressure wouldn’t be an issue, and her power can subsidize her need to breathe for a limited amount of time. But just in case she can’t, she doesn’t want to be in a position where she’s at the mercy of The Council’s schedule. Her and whoever she takes with her. Dabbler is a useful resource when dealing with the Council. Same with Pixel. Hiro would be useful, or Achilles, or really, nearly anyone from Arc-SWAT or Arc-LIGHT.

I hope Crimson’s expression makes sense in panel 3. I’m pleased with it especially cause I didn’t know what term to google to find a reference. It’s supposed to be like when you’ve told someone something and you have no idea if it’s good or bad news, and you have that expectant kind of half squint. I seem to remember Seinfeld doing it a fair amount. Anyway, Crimson’s kind of doing that expression cause she’s treading the line between “maybe you can’t do everything” and “Be tactful and don’t bruise the most powerful Super’s ego.”

Oh and I took the “2014” off Crimson’s shirt. I forgot it’s still only been a week. :)

Edit: Oops, also corrected the spelling of “New Zeland”

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