I’m at the point where Sydney is with most TV and movies, in that I’m constantly on the lookout for the tweest (cough), the twist or the betrayal or whatever antagonistic thing the protagonists are going to have to deal with for the rest of the episode. It’s obnoxious even though I get an “I knew it!” moment when it happens, it makes me annoyed that the characters in the show didn’t see it coming, like any time the good guys bring the thing the bad guys were after onto their ship or into the base and don’t immediately suspect it of being some sort of Trojan horse and place it under round the clock observation with machine guns and flame throwers pointed at it.

Of course making your characters really paranoid and security conscious presents a real challenge to the writers, because the bad guys then have to outsmart that behavior, and at some point the bad guys plans become so convoluted they may exceed the audience’s ability to understand what’s going on, or require the bad guy to have a such a crazy ability to predict human behavior and thus plan things so far ahead that it would need to be supernatural to be believable.

Of course, in a world with supers and supernaturals, who knows what’s possible?

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