Sydney, did you ever think you’d be bored with the appearance of a giant… bone golem, I guess? In her defense it’s late, and this is the second giant guardian thing she’s seen this week. But don’t worry, this fight won’t last quite as long as the other one.

Ok, so full disclosure, this was supposed to be a double page with the preceding one, and the page after this was also a double, but big surprise, drawing two double pages takes almost twice as long. I really wanted to keep it as a double, but it put me far enough behind that it eroded my buffer and it was stressing me out. So anyway, Sydney’s comment is a direct continuation of her “this seems like a bad idea” dialog from the previous page.

Sydney totally is an “I told you so” type of person, but usually only around a peer group or people she doesn’t like, but she likes everyone here and also everyone outranks her. It might make her feel a little smug that she’s the only one who called something like this happening, but she’s just the only one who said it out loud. The Council didn’t just invite Archon along because they were feeling cordial. They were well aware Sciona might pull some stuff like this, and they’re not dummies, they are increasingly cognizant of the value of having Arc-SWAT as bodyguards allies.

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