So just a reminder, this was originally intended as a double page, so if it seems a little incongruous that Ingsol mentions the whole weakness aura thing, and then Maxima immediately starts dismantling it, imagine that it someone might mention it on the bottom half of this page, i.e. Monday’s.

Action pages are tough to comment on because not a lot happens in them. The comic book time dilation changes from “far slower than normal” to “one panel might cover a whole second if you’re lucky” Of course time is super relative in comics anyway. Action scenes in mangas tend to focus more on actual action, punches, kicks, straining neck muscles while they power up, whereas generally, American action comics tend to pack in a ton of dialog into fights. Spider-man is the most obvious offender, but lots of superhero comics have a lot of chatting and exposition. Well, manga has shitloads of exposition too, but they tend to pause the action while they do it. Sometimes they pause for an episode long flashback >cough< Naruto >cough<

I know, I know, some of you think Grrl Power has been in flash back since like page 6, but actually, those first few pages were a flash forward. Both of those things could be true to a time traveler. Think about that.

(I think it shrank since the last page. Drawing large things a consistent size is… not a skill I’ve mastered)

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