The Council isn’t immediately worried about Archon wanting to get their hands on anything in the vault, though there is a concern that they might claiming some sort of national security eminent domain.

But of course, Archon exists because there are supers out there who operate in a more selfish manner, and would love to get their hands on an inventory of this vault, either for themselves or to auction on The average super would have trouble breaking into this vault. Heatwave might be able to burn through those doors given enough time, but Mr. Amorphous couldn’t get in there unless he had a few weeks to work at it. Sydney, Dabbler and Maxima all by themselves could crack that thing with relatively minimal effort. The Council is worried about a Magneto/Dr. Doom/Sinestro level villain out there who could crack this thing like an egg, if not rip the whole thing out from the continental shelf.

The Council has had plenty of interactions with Supers in the past, but mostly with mid level ones. They’re realizing more and more that the top end of the super scale may be higher than they’d previously realized. Bit of a blow to some egos there, if they’re honest.

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