As soon as the door opened, everyone standing beside Sydney and Ingsol should have been all “Ew, what happened?” but you know how comic time and dialog work. Spider-man can belt out a few paragraphs mid-punch. I guess that’s another of Sydney’s official unofficial abilities.

Maxima cut Sydney off when she launched in to her “exposition rampage” when Crimson showed up at the base, so she’s getting a few sideline conversations in where she can now.

Ingsol shouldn’t be upset that Sydney seems to be picking on him. Well, he’s a nigh ancient vampire and has pretty thick skin, but more than that, Sydney just likes haranguing her friends. So it’s sort of a compliment when Sydney gives you the business. It should be said that she’s not nearly as good as being on the receiving end of a razzing. It’s a bit of an insecurity based character flaw. Something that may not be helped by hanging out with all the beautiful people at the base, despite quickly becoming a powerful and indispensable member of the team.

Fun fact, Krona’s last name is Murgatroyd. Ingsol isn’t referencing her here, or calling for her. It’s just expression he likes.

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