Thus ends the saga of Coot, cause you know, in the history of comics, no one has ever come back from definitely being dead like this. I mean, he blew up. He wasn’t caught in an explosion, he was the warhead.

Sciona gave Cooter a potion to drink before sending him through the portal. Said it would let him see things no one else can see, do things no one else can do, and was chocked full wind, fire and lots of fiber. And by fiber she meant explosive tentacles. Technically fibrous, so, only a bit of a lie. Cooter was busy making a joke about how anything full of fiber makes him full of wind, so at least we can respect him for that.

This page may be my sound effect record for me. I’m sure in the annals of comic history, there are pages which put this one to shame. It’s hard not to imagine there’s a Groo page or something similar that’s all black panels with about 15 onomatopoeias per panel. Maybe some cartoon eyes showing.

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