I get the impression from Cooter’s reaction that he may not have been fully informed about the plan. It’s almost like he’s been lied to about the group’s objectives from the start. Shame on you Sciona. It’s like you’re a bad guy or something.

Building a vault to keep out all manner of supernatural creatures would be a serious pain in the ass. Security though obscurity would be the single biggest measure you could take. In order, not letting people know you have a vault is the best thing you could do, after that, not letting anyone know where it’s located would be ideal. After that the best you can do is make them think anyone who enters it will be horribly killed or at least grievously injured. That and put a really thick door on the thing, but when you have to deal with beings that can walk through rock or shadow or control insects or see through squirrels’ eyes or what have you, and taking into account the power levels of some of the being that might be trying to crack the vault, the internal defenses would be a real challenge to design.

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