I’m kind of sad that Sciona’s achieved her goal here, or at least one of them. I was getting used to drawing her with the orc body. It’s a pain in the butt to draw with the stitches and the scar all the extra details that take time to select and color and all that, but without them she loses a certain visual distinctiveness.

Everyone has something about themselves they’d like to fix. Most of use could stand to lose a few pounds, unless your job requires you to be professionally in shape, like an actor, model, fireman, soldier, what have you. Maybe a personal trainer, but I’ve seen personal trainers who could definitely stand to practice what they preach a bit more. Having an out of shape personal trainer is a bit like getting a haircut from a hairdresser with an awful haircut. But I digress.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind fixing my thumbs. My whole life I thought they were double jointed because I could bend them backwards so far I could touch the side of my arm, but I can’t lay them flat across my palm, so I guess they’re single jointed and just on backwards. It’s a minor complaint and has never affected my ability to do anything like use a pencil or chopsticks. I actually never realized people could lay their thumbs across their palms until I was like… I don’t even know, like 38 or something? It doesn’t come up often. The only time it messes me up is when I need a reference for a hand doing something my hand can’t do.

I also broke my ankle once and it’s a little weaker than the other one now, and I messed up one of my shoulders good over the course of about 5 years in the gym. I suppose while I’m at it I could stand to sharpen up my vision, but I’ve been wearing glasses since high school so for the first few months after doing it I’d go to adjust my glasses unconsciously and wind up poking myself in the eyes a thousand times.

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