So yeah, Sciona isn’t actually a dark elf (or a drow or a shadow elf etc.) I haven’t quite come up with a name for what she is yet, but I’m sure Sydney will ask someone about it sooner or later. And no, Sciona isn’t mannequin smooth, just pretend the lighting is at exactly the right angle so you can’t see her bits. I considered putting Deus’s “Neat.” bubble over her boob but I thought that would be even more distracting.

This is one of those pages I had to split into two, which is why it trails off in the middle of a sentence. I do try and make each page it’s own semi contained… clause, I guess, but sometimes there’s just no way to make it all fit on one page. I think 17 panels is my record, which is pretty crazy. That should be 3 pages in a regular turn-the-next-page comic. I just really wanted to draw a nice big splash panel of Sciona in her ‘final form’ so to speak, and the next page has too many panels to try and squish ’em all in on this one.

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