Sciona’s wings are significant appendages. You can see why she wanted them back. When she says “apply enough force” she’s talking about a considerable amount, not something most supernatural creatures could casually generate. In a world of Supers and shaped charges, this does not provide adequate security, but the The Council has been relying mostly on obscurity rather than updating the vault’s systems to deal with things like C4. Also the death field is laughably easy to overcome anyway. Unless it’s reflecting all over the interior of the Artifact Chamber willy nilly.

There were a couple lines I had considered for Deus’s retort there on panel 8. Mostly I wanted to point out that she was now fully female. I mean, it’s obvious she’s female now, and everyone uses female pronouns with her, but her orc body was male. Something along the lines of “Now that she has to sit down to pee again, she’s switched to full on bitch mode.” or something about PMS and stuff like that, but I decided against it. Deus is a bad guy, or at least plays at being one, but he’s not that kind of bad guy. (Yes he essentially told Cthillia he’d help her kill 99 people, but ignore that for now.) He may be a womanizer and have a round robin of lovers, but he was being a dick to Sciona earlier, and just now she was a dick to him, they’re even.

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