Max probably could have forbidden Dabbler from being part of this questionable interrogation, but I guess she’s playing nice with either The Council or some sort of succubus etiquette. Like, when there’s some distasteful sexual task and there’s more than one succubus vying for the job, because let’s face it, “distasteful” is an entirely subjective value. Anyway, succubi have a number of methods for sorting out disagreements like that. Most of them are “distasteful.” The succubi version of Rock, Paper, Scissors (Lizard, Spock) is not played with just the hands. If you get my meaning.

Succubi Eeny Meeny Miny Moe would get you arrested in most places outside of Amsterdam or Mos Eisley, and Duck Duck Goose, well, that’s about like you might imagine.  But in this case, Max put her foot down on that at least and insisted on a coin toss.

(Of course the real reason Dabbler’s doing it is because Decolette doesn’t have the dichromatic tell, which I wanted to include on the previous page. Everything else is me just trying to rationalize that decision within the canon.)

BTW, they are still in the vault. The peculiarity of having an interrogation style room in there will be addressed.

Edit: Added Decolette’s glasses and a missing earring.

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