For those wondering when Valen got there, I think I only drew him on one page, right when they arrived. Oh, here too. He just never factored into the pages before now, and sometimes I have to be a little economical about how much background stuff I draw. But yeah, he was there, as part of the Council Seat quorum needed to open the Vault.

I think every time I draw Max’s hair outside of her hat or a tie, it gets wavier. Not sure why, I guess straight hair is less visually interesting to draw. I think I’ve hit peak wave though, I’m not about to stray into curls with her.

Some people will invariably feel the need to point out that Maxima is being a bit of a hypocrite, as she ogles dudes all the time. Of course, she’s not leaning way in to their personal space when she’s doing it, which is her primary complaint here. Her M.O. is to do it from a distance (usually while tittering with female coworkers.) She knows dudes look at her and make all sorts of comments. Probably some women. People are people after all. All she asks is just don’t do it within her (potentially superpowered?) earshot. Or literally lean over her trying to get a better angle.

The difference between a woman doing it to a man and vice versa is that women generally don’t see a guy walking down the street and yell “Hey nice package! Why don’t you come over here and deliver it to my inbox!” Where as women have to put up with that shit ALL THE TIME. On the street, at work, not at work, playing games online. Playing games. What do these dudes think is going to happen? The woman will get turned on by their questions about carpet/drape coordination and boob size queries and be so overcome with lust tingles that she’ll hop in her car and drive across a city or states just for a chance to wreck that dick? I doubt it’s so calculated, it’s just Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory in action. (Time hole warning; TV Tropes link)

Anyway, my point is that when I write Maxima, I try to imagine how I would act after 20 years of the relentless hailstorm of unwanted comments and leers. I don’t think I’d be super cool about it. Of course, I do the same thing when I write for Dabbler, only she’s super into it rather than being exhausted by it.

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