I realize just as I’m posting this page that the crack on the one way mirror looks like Dabbler and all four of her arms are cracked into it, but when I drew it, I was thinking of Dabbler in her two armed form, plus an impression of the tentacle arm that smacked her into it.

I suppose it works either way, but it raises some questions about how succubi glamours work. Remember, they’re nearly uncrackable. Changing someone’s skin color, hiding some stripes, that’s Illusion 101. Making someone hear soft footfalls instead of your hooves clicking on the fancy marble, that’s Phantasm 101.

Making someone think they’re stroking a cheek when they’re actually running their hand over a horn, that’s… actually I’m not sure. Phantasm 201? Making your hoof prints look like footprints ten hours after you walked in some dirt and you’re 40 miles away, well I don’t know what that is. That’s probably best accomplished with telekinetic prosthetic feet. That might also be a good solution for clicky hooves as well actually.

There’s a lot of other things you’d have to cover for if actual forensic sorcerers were trying to clear the new dancing girl and make sure she wasn’t a sexual assassin or something. I’ll actually go into some succubus history in the next story arc I imagine, so this will come up in more detail then.

Oh and by the way, there’s obviously no cell service down in the vault. Ingsol is calling Maxima on a cell phone that can use its wi-fi antenna as a sort of short range walky talky to another similarly equipped phone. That’s a thing, right? Well it is with their phones.

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