Ah yes, the fabled Tentacle Sickle. I remember that well from Arthurian Legend. Well, not Arthurian Legend so much as his lesser known brother Mortimer. Mortimurian Legend. Well, not legend so much…

I don’t know, Sciona cracked the pillar containing the sickle, I figure someone picked it up.

Maxima and Sydney once had a conversation suggesting that the best defense against super speed is super confusion. Max is semi-genre savvy, and I can imagine that the appearance of a wall of tentacles might make a heroine flub her initiative roll a bit. That or instantly incinerate everything within 75 yards just to be safe. Or… snag her panties on a bramble. Depending on the genre of the comic.

I’ve updated the vote incentive with a piece I was using to practice better night time lighting effects. I think it looks a little muddy, but they’re supposed to be lit from behind. I’m still playing with it. Dabbler turned out pretty good but I see about 10 things that need work on Max and Sydney. Oh, and don’t read too much into their expressions. They’re individual busts (hur), Max isn’t giving Dabbler the bedroom eyes or anything. I mean, unless your particular slash fiction involves that, then imagine whatever you like.

I’m reading a book called “Villains Don’t Date Heroes!” in the super specific genre of Superhero Lesbian Romance. I remember 5 or 6 years ago when there were barely a dozen superhero novels on Amazon and now I can’t keep up with them. Now before everyone scrambles off to buy this, I should say it’s not a romance novel. You know. Romance – wink wink nudge nudge. One of those ones where opening to any given page lands you a 50% chance of heaving or thrusting or quivering mounds of love pudding. At least not yet. I’m only halfway though it, so maybe it will veer that direction. I suspect it’s tamer than that. It’s still entertaining, and has some nice ideas in it. It does contain something of a pet peeve of mine, something I consider a hallmark of amateurish writing. Using the same or nearly the same phrase twice in a very short span. To me it reads either like the author couldn’t come up with two ways of describing something, or something got moved around during editing and not cleaned up on the final pass. Using the same or nearly the same phrase is a little distracting, like I just did there. Doesn’t it stand out? Anyway, I think I noticed it a total of 8 or 10 times in about 150 pages so far, so it’s not pervasive, but it stands out to me. So the book isn’t Wearing the Cape, but it’s still a solid read if you’ve got a gap in your reading list.

I had to write this post twice. :(

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