Yes, Sydney is taking another shower. The reason for this will be at least hinted at on the next page. Don’t worry about it too much for now. It would be fair to think it’s mostly because I wanted to draw another scene with superheroines taking showers. I mean, come on, sometimes the simplest explanations for gratuitous shower scenes are correct. I think that’s Occam’s Slightly Naughty Razor. Also I feel I’ve improved my wet skin technique, and learning is always good!

You would think that with Jabberwokky’s power set, she would know a lot more about animals. I guess she’s never really paid attention to squid before. Besides, it’s not like her powers work of what animals can actually do, they work off her perception of what they can do. That has as much to do with watching Kung Fu Theater growing up as it does going to the zoo. I mean, it’s common in Kung Fu movies that Toad Style involves super tough skin. Ok, maybe toads have tough skin compared to frogs, but there are like a dozen other animals I’d rank in front of toads when coming up with that list. Ancient China probably didn’t know about armadillos, but pangolins are all over China and India. What about rhinos,  hippos, or ankylosauruses? I don’t know when China learned of dinosaurs, but they have a shitload of fossils over there. Anyway, Toad Style is tough skin, not jump kicks or something like that. (Except Kung Fu Hustle had a guy doing jump attacks using toad style. I know, shut up.)

So yeah, Trent sitting in the lounge was obviously a big breach of Veil protocols. He actually should have been protected by the Veil itself, but in its weakened state, a giant mass of writhing tentacles was proving to be challenging for the global glamor. Fortunately, in a world of supers, the supernatural is fairly easy to explain away.

Important update on the Patreon changes. There won’t be any, at least for the foreseeable future. There was considerable backlash about the new fee structure, so they’ve backed off. Here’s a post about it if you’re interested.

Still, this recent kerfuffle highlights the whole eggs in one basket strategy I’ve been employing, and there’s less excuse for it now that there are other companies competing in Patreon’s space. I will still look into getting set up on some alternative services at some point, probably after the holidays. I’m behind schedule already and I haven’t done any Xmas shopping yet. D:

Speaking of which, here’s a gentle reminder I have an Amazon link. Three of them now actually. Canada and the UK as well. No idea if I set them up right, so help me test em. :)

In celebration of Patreon coming to their senses, I’ll post the double res version of this page for everyone! Enjoy the shiny skin! (Normally $1 and up, but feel free to contribute as much as you like for future hi-res goodies!)