I know I mentioned possibly not posting a page over Xmas, but I went ahead and did it anyway, so if you missed it, pop back one and catch up!

For the record, Maxima mostly thinks it was funny when she punched Dabbler through the wall. Not when she got manhandled. Or, womanhandled. Succubushandled. She does objectively understand that having a squishy mirror-like surface would be fun to play with. She’s not so much of a grouch that she doesn’t see the appeal. If she had a regular lover, she’d be totally okay with him doing stuff like that. To a point. Not like, jumping out from behind the fridge and doing it, but you know, if they’re already fooling around or in the shower together.

I’m sure lots of adults use baby powder for a variety of things that don’t include stripping, and some probably even have baby powder scented deoderant and whatever. Maxima clearly has some associations with it she doesn’t care for. Although come to think of it, I’m not sure when she would have actually spent enough time around strippers to audit their average scent. For instance, she’s never had a sister who was killed while working as a stripper, naturally necessitating her to go undercover as a stripper at that very same club.

I’ve been sitting on this funhouse mirror gag since before I started the comic. Somewhere in a pile of papers, I have a version of this page penciled out that’s at least 7 years old. I’m sure it’ll show up in one of those mythical books of the comic I keep alluding to but never have time to run a kickstarter for.

I had always intended on drawing Maxima a lot shinier than I do, but it turns out rendering her like an Alex Ross Iron Man is rather time-consuming, and as good as I want the art in the comic to be, it’s still a comic and keeping a schedule is more important than making every page a perfect render. A “good enough” render has to do until I magically figure out a way to suddenly draw faster.

Speaking of which, this is the page I talked about when I said I tried doing a page without inking it first. I think it came out pretty good, but the technique is not a time saver for me. At least, not yet.

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