I guess they didn’t get ready on time, but at least Jiggawatt was able to fix her lipstick, right?

I’m sure in the history of the military, having to go running in your boxers is something that has happened more than a few times. But that was probably before women were allowed in the armed forces, so I’m not sure what the deal with that would be now. In this case, Maxima is just giving them a little extra PT, and doing it in their undies makes it slightly embarrassing and probably a bit more challenging. Or it would be embarrassing if they weren’t super attractive women with no body image issues what so ever. I don’t know, maybe Heatwave is like “Oh no, I’m slightly too fit.” Sydney would get 4 steps before passing out from blushing too hard.

Having an audience would create all sorts of issues with objectification. If it was just male soldiers having to do it while other male soldiers go about their business? That’s just, like, the Army, right? Making women soldiers do the base’s tough mudder in their underwear in front of a bunch of male soldiers, or even mixed company? There are obvious issues with that. It’s fair to say Maxima is not cool with catcalls and wolf whistles and any other kind of drive-by harassment, so she’s not going to create a situation like that if she can help it.

This page does make me wonder what sort of bras lady soldiers wear. If you know you’re going for a run, I assume most women would prefer to don a sports bra, but that’s not something you’d wear all the rest of the time… otherwise wouldn’t women wear those all the time? So I’d guess for morning PT, sports bra, hit the showers, then something more traditional for the rest of the day. But then, what do lady soldiers wear when they’re deployed? Presumably the thing that’s most comfortable for the longest time, which I’d guess is a standard bra with the underwire (although that never sounds comfortable to me, but most women I know are like “nope, underwire is the way to go”) but then you have to deal with something not optimized for tearing around a battlefield if a firefight breaks out. Maybe they have underwire bras with extra coverage over the top of the breasts to better contain the contents. I imagine something like that would be fairly unflattering, but it’s not like soldiers run around in deep-V’s so that’s okay.

Also, everyone at Archon seems to wear their own thing, but I would assume the military has standard issue skivvies. I could probably google the answer to most of these questions, but it’s more fun to ponder them here.

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