I’m not sure what the girls thought would happen, like punitive PT is something troops are trusted to self-report on. “Sure, I totally ran 20 laps around the base. Don’t worry about where I got the venti macchiato.” I guess they thought they had more time to mess with Math before Maxima showed up. More likely they didn’t expect the base commander to oversee them. They probably thought a Sergeant would do it, but Maxima isn’t all that excited about standing around waiting for ARC-Light to determine their next move, so why not catch some fun in the sun in the meantime.

This is the second half of the previous page. It’s really just more of the same joke. I had toyed with the idea of either making this a double page or trying to cram everything from both these pages into one. I’m trying to avoid that lately though. Either way, this was the page I was working on over Xmas break, so I wound up splitting it so I could spend a little time with the family and still keep up with the schedule. So enjoy this rare 3-panel Grrl Power comic. I’m sure it’s something you can all tell your grandchildren about one day.

This page sadly ends the short cheesecake tear I got on there for a bit, so if you’re worried about checking the comic at work, the next page boringly has everyone fully clothed. Although for balance, at some point I should do a page or two of the guys in the shower/locker room. Not quite yet though. There’s plot to get to.

BTW, Jiggawatt isn’t doing some weird version of the mud crawl without the barbed wire on top, she just fell off the monkey bars cause… I don’t know, they were slippery with morning dew still? It was either that or have her legs dangling from the top of the panel, and given the choice between drawing that or a lady covered in mud, well, come on.

This page colored by Keith.

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