That’s not ARC-Light’s HQ so much as it is Zephan’s office. I really would have had some extra time so I could have added some knick-knacks around the place, like a terracotta warrior in the corner, a collection of ceremonial daggers. Some… shiny rocks? You know the sort of thing.

The red long johns with the butt flap, or “drop seat” are formally called a Union Suit. I didn’t have Sydney refer to it as such because I had to look that up myself and I didn’t think most people would know that either. They also don’t have to be red, but they usually are in cartoons to my recollection. It’s also possible Cooter was able to find a pair of overalls with one of the shoulder straps broken, or just some Daisy Dukes.

I almost had Sydney call Zephan on being a bit of a wealth snob, with his “Such as they are.” comment, as up until quite recently, she was herself limping along with a few hundred in her bank account and a pile of credit card and comic shop related debt. But as usual, it was a tangent I didn’t have room to develop. At least on this page. It’s a topic I’d like to revisit with her as she’s in that limbo of “poor person who became a rich person who hasn’t come to terms with being a rich person and is still living like a poor person.” Well, not poor-poor. Like, upper lower class, or lower middle class tops. Not the sort of person who would spontaneously buy themselves a giant new TV or a trip to Europe on a whim.

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