The first half of this page is channeling that crime procedural show “Numbers” where, if you haven’t seen it, the FBI guy has his math savant brother use all kinds of crazy math to solve crimes, like applying fluid dynamics to traffic patterns to plot get away driver escape routes and the like. My biggest complaint with that show was they only did a surface level explanation of the math. I really wanted them to spend a good 15 minutes really getting into the math, like an episode of Numberphile. (Similarly, my complaint with The Imitation Game was they barely explained anything about the Enigma machine itself, unlike this Numberphile episode. (And this one talking about how they cracked it.))

The second half of the page is anything involving the sad trombone noise.

To be fair to Dabbler, I didn’t think of that solution until I sat down to write this page. I think if I had played any tabletop RPG’s in the last few years, my brain might have been better geared to outsmart the GM. That’s where the stupidly obvious refrigerator logic solution occurs to you while you’re playing and not 2 nights later, and the GM goes “uh… yeah, I guess you could do that.” and you wind up skipping half the adventure. The evil wizard builds a tower full of traps and monsters, each level more dastardly than the last, and Lina Inverse uses a flight spell to fly up to the top floor on the outside of the tower and chuck a fireball in the window.

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